Wine List

    • Wine by the glass - 175ml / 250ml

    • White Trebbiano, Novita Italy (12.0%)

      £5.95 & £7.75
    • White Sauvignon Blanc, Tierra Antica Chile (12.5%)

      £7.25 & £9.50
    • White Pinot Grigio,Venezia Giulia Italy (12.0%)

      £7.75 & £9.50
    • Rosé Pinot Grigio Blush di Venezie Italy (12.0%)

      £7.25 & £9.50
    • Red Nero D’avola-Syrah, Duca di Castelmonte Italy (12.0%)

      £5.95 & £7.75
    • Primitivo, 'il Pumo', Italy (13.5%)

      £7.95 & £10.50
    • Red Feudi d’Albe’ Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Italy (12.5%)

      £7.25 & £9.50
    • Sparkling Prosecco di Conegliano Extra Dry Italy (11.0%) 125ml

    • House White Wine

    • 01. Trebbiano, Novita Italy (12.0%)


      A soft, fruity wine with a rounded and spicy flavour, very quaffable in style.

    • White Wine

    • 02. Chenin Blanc, Hazy View, South Africa


      Medium dry white with hints of tropical and floral aromas.

    • 03. Grillo, Colomba Bianca Italy


      A full-flavoured and fruity but crisp wine with flavours of ripe pears and citrus.

    • 04. Sauvignon Blanc, Tierra Antica Chile


      A clean and fruity wine with a fresh lemon and herbaceous character, very quaffable

    • 05. Pinot Grigio, Venezia Giulia Italy


      Fresh, fruity and dry with nice weight and a hint of spice and lemon on the finish

    • 06. Pecorino, Cantina Bove Italy


      A dry white from Abruzzo with a floral bouquet.

    • 07. Vermentino a la Blanca Italy


      Fresh, fruity, full-bodied white with a lemon zest and aromatic finish, from Sardinia.

    • 08. Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough New Zealand


      A light-bodied, dry, crisp wine with typical Marlborough flavours of gooseberry, guava, nettles and just a hint of honeysuckle and lime

    • 09. Gavi di Gavi “Fossili”, San Silvestro Italy


      Spicy, with a pleasant mineral tone and crisp finish. Good with spicy food

    • Rosé Wine

    • 10. Pinot Grigio Blush di Venezie, Italy


      A fresh and fruity wine with a delicate flavour and an off-dry finish

    • 11. Sparkling Rosé Brut Italy


      Full, tangy with rounded fruit on the palate

    • 12. Sunset Point Zinfandel Rosé Italy


      Medium dry rosé from Puglia.

    • House Red Wine

    • 13. Nero D’avola-Syrah, Duca di Castelmonte Italy


      Richly flavoured with ripe fruit notes, balanced and generous with a refined and velvety taste and a hint of oak on the finish

    • Red Wine

    • 14. Shiraz Cabernet, Opal Ridge Australia (13.0%)


      A smooth wine with flavours of plums and spice with some earthy and liquorice notes

    • 15. Feudi d’Albe’ Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Italy (12.0%)


      Full-flavoured, pleasantly dry with a hint of liquorice and a bouquet reminiscent of fruits of the forest and cherries with a slight spiciness

    • 16. Merlot, Tierra Antica Chile


      A medium-bodied wine with a herbal, fresh capsicum character and a good structure

    • 17. Cabernet Sauvignon, Tierra Antica Chile


      Full of blackcurrant and black cherry overtones.

    • 18. Malbec, El Camino Argentina


      Full-bodied, soft with spice undertones

    • 19. Pinot Noir, Vina Edmara Chile


      Soft and velvety, almost jammy, on the palate with firm but integrated tannins.

    • 20. Primitivo, 'il Pumo' Italy


      A full-flavoured wine, soft and balanced and eminently drinkable

    • 21. Salice Salentino, Epicuro Italy


      Full-bodied red made from local Negroamaro & Malvasia Nera grapes in the Puglia region

    • 22. Chianti Classico, Bonacchi Italy


      Full and aromatic flavour of ripe cherries with coffee hints

    • 23. Primitivo di Manduria ‘Falo’, San Marzano Italy


      In the mouth the wine has a warm and velvety texture and finishes with a touch of sweetness typical of the Primitivo grape

    • 24. Valpolicella Superiore ‘Ripasso’, Capitel San Rocco Rosso, Tedeschi Italy


      Ample in bouquet, its dry flavour is robust and warm with a bitter background and a smooth texture

    • 25. Barolo ‘Patres’, San Silvestro Italy


      Spices and dried flowers on the nose; smooth and mouth-filling with firm but integrated tannins

    • 26. Anniversario 62, San Marzano Italy


      A velvety mouthful and rich sweet flavour, typical of the Primitivo grape

    • Sparkling Wine and Champagne

    • 27. Prosecco di Conegliano Extra Dry, Italy


      Fine and continuous bubbles, the wine is fruity and appealing with a floral and fresh fruit bouquet and a lemony finish.

    • 28. Champagne Moutard Grande Cuvée France


      Fine, rich aromas with fragrances of butter, almond and brioche

    • 29. Champagne Veuve Clicquot Brut France


      This fine Champagne displays raisins, vanilla and brioche together with toasty aromas

    • Beers/Soft Drinks

    • Aranciata


      Italian sparkling orange

    • Choose from

      Apple Juice

      Orange Juice

      Peach Juice

      San Pellegrino Limonata

      San Pellegrino Aranciata

      Coca Cola

    • Limonata


      Italian lemonade

    • Mineral Water 500ml

    • Mineral Water 750ml

    • Peroni/Moretti 330ml

    • Juices

    • Coke/Diet Coke 330ml bottle